Tier 3 Volunteer Process

Some volunteer opportunities, like chaperoning field trips and assisting students outside the classroom, require Tier 3 Volunteer approval through Williamson County Schools. The Tier 3 Volunteer approval process includes a criminal background fingerprint check, a volunteer application, and a confidentiality agreement. This process may take several weeks, so please plan accordingly. For more information, please go to CLICK HERE to learn about how to volunteer in Williamson County Schools.


After going through the Tier 3 Volunteer approval process, you may obtain your badge at Jordan Elementary. For badge making dates to obtain your badge, please call the school's main office (615-472-5270) or email Karyn Meucci at karyn.meucci@wcs.edu to confirm you are on the approved volunteer list.  The approval process can take a few weeks, so please allow time for this process to be completed before calling to confirm your approval.  Once approved, you may chose a date from the list below to come to the school to have your Tier 3 badge made. No volunteer badge can be made without your driver’s license. 


Ready for your Tier 3 Badge to be made?  Badges for those individuals who have completed the Tier 3 Volunteer process will be made on the dates below.


Badge Making Dates: 


Coming Soon